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About Us

Shaping the future 

Whether you’re a content creator, business owner, or student,our AI assistants and agents are essential tools for boosting your productivity. Our chatbot creator helps create totally new connections with potential and current customers.

Brailava Ltd., based in Helsinki, Finland, is known for its innovative approaches in applied AI. Our mission is to make AI acceccable and easy to use for everyone. 

Brailava is the creator of,, and, a trio of AI tools designed to improve content creation and user engagement. Each platform serves a unique function: offers efficient content creation, provides a user-friendly writing interface, and delivers advanced chat experiences using AI.

The company’s approach is not just about introducing new technology but making AI more user-friendly and broadly accessible. Their range of tools is a testament to their philosophy of “Your AI, Your Way”, aiming to make AI a vital part of everyday digital life.

Contact info:

CEO, Founder
Mr. Antti Törrönen
[email protected]
044 323 7002

Customer experience, Founder
Mari Kuuttila
[email protected]

Heikki Törrönen
[email protected]

Anna Törrönen